Will the real Musa haekkinenii please stand up?

by Luigi Guarino on December 21, 2012

Oh dear. The Musa taxonomists among you will have spotted that the wild banana species illustrated in the previous post, with Markku Häkkinen standing beside it, was not the new species he recently discovered in Vietnam but rather Musa viridis. Markku is understandably a bit incensed about it and asked us to correct ScienceNordic’s error. We are happy to do so, with apologies for perpetuating the mistake, and to publish below Markku’s photo of the real Musa haekkinenii. I knew I should have waited for ProMusa to do its thing.

Musa haekkinenii (photo by Markku Häkkinen)

Musa haekkinenii (photo by Markku Häkkinen)

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