Nibbles: Large pumpkin, Wheat genome, Timorese nutrition, Seeds for Needs, PPB, Fruit trees, Nutrition ROI, Ecosystem services, Coffee costs, Cacao flavour, Pig slaughtering, Goats threats, Dog diet, Australian migrations

by Luigi Guarino on January 24, 2013

  • Wow, that’s one huge pumpkin!
  • Genomic whiz-bangery, which was apparently not involved in producing the above pumpkin, continues to hold much promise for wheat yields. And your jetpack is in the mail. I would ban the use of the word promise in this type of article. But since I can’t do that, I promise not to link to them ever again.
  • Jess gets to grips with Timorese nutrition. Get those local landraces back from any genebank that has them, Jess. And don’t forget to collect any remaining ones.
  • Then you could do some cool Seeds-for-Needs-type stuff.
  • And maybe some local breeding too?
  • And don’t forget local fruit trees!
  • Because you know investing in nutrition is really cost-effective.
  • Though of course it’s not just about the money.
  • Especially when it comes to coffee.
  • Or cacao for that matter.
  • They shoot hogs, don’t they? Maybe even in East Timor. Goats, alas, have problems of their own.
  • And as for dogs, we forced them to digest starch. What even the dingo? I bet there are dingo-like dogs in East Timor.

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