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by Luigi Guarino on September 14, 2013

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Dave Wood September 15, 2013 at 4:58 pm

“New Bioversity DG” Her comments are mainly welcome. However, the ‘Bridging Agriculture and Conservation Initiative’ will be a can of worms.
The flyer for the project says: “Current approaches to agriculture, which focus primarily on increasing agricultural productivity of a few major crops, are not a sustainable route to better food, nutrition and resilient, productive agricultural systems.” This is, of course, the usual polarization that wrecked the IAASTD. There is a continuity between old and new, fields and gardens, and across the vast range of crops and varieties grown and this is environmentally, socially, and economically `sustainable.
However, my biggest gripe is about the partners – big, rich, conservation agencies who have chracteristically blamed agriculture for their own failings – actually conserving anything `sustainably’. Lots of new specialists in `agroecology’: Patrick Holden moved on to the moneybags from the Soil Association; talk of `ecosystem services’ when these, in ecologically tricky areas, are usually performed by `natural monocultures’ and not `biodiversity’.
Bioversity is selling the crop research institutes of the CGIAR (and national programmes) down the river by chasing the moneybags of international conservation. And the technical basis is very questionable – taking sides with little evidence in the controversial debate on intensive versus extensive agriculture and their impact on conservation. There is a similar argument for forestry – what about the forest transition as forests spread with development? Keep farmers poor and they will junk the forests (and most marginal farmers I have come across are ardent hunters).


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