DOI guidelines are open for comment

The Secretariat of the International Treaty is pleased to invite Contracting Parties and Stakeholders to provide comments for the update of the Guidelines for the optimal use of Digital Object Identifiers as permanent unique identifiers for germplasm samples – v.2 (herewith attached) elaborated within the Programme of Work on the Global Information System (GLIS) of Article 17.

We talked about this. Now go crazy.

One Reply to “DOI guidelines are open for comment”

  1. Crazy indeed: “You obtain a new DOI for each sample received (thus identifying yourself as the holder), and link it back to the provider’s DOI” This is plain daft. The DOI should be assigned at time of collection and never added to or changed. No need then to link back to anything. All this should be done not just for the Treaty samples but for anything collected. Let the Commission manage it, for animals, forest trees and species not in the Treaty.

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