Endlessly debating agriculture

Don’t get me wrong, I think a robust exchange of views on agricultural development is a good thing, even essential. But when you’ve got “Achieving food and environmental security — new approaches to close the gap” at the Royal Society one week, followed by “The Future of Agriculture: debate the experts” a matter of days thereafter, you begin to wonder whether we are on the receiving end of way too much of a good thing. Having said that, needless to add that we’re incredibly interested in the results of these discussions, and if you take part and would like to summarize them for us here, you’d be more than welcome. To prospective organizers of such things my suggestion is that you stand back a minute and ask: what would be new here?

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  1. For the `Future of Agriculture’ debate – with Anna Lappé and Pat Mooney contributing – I’m getting my boots on. They are in my top ten people who are a threat to global food security.

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