Not much change here lately, but today I spotted the Rhizowen had liked a Facebook page for New World Seeds and Tubers. So I did too, and they’re now in the list. Updated 1 September 2011.

It seems that in addition to railing against the loss of backgarden and small farmer biodiversity, especially in Europe, we could attempt to perform a minor service to the community by assembling a list of links to people and organizations that promote more agrobiodiversity. I don’t vouch for any of these. Nor do I pretend that the list is exclusive, but that I can remedy: send me your suggestions. This list from FAO does have pretensions of completeness, but I don’t know how frequently it is updated (or if it is at all).

Like I said, I know there are others, so send me details and we’ll put them up here. Agricultural biodiversity matters to us all, not only to people in developing countries. It would be cool to link up to seed exchanges and individuals all over the world, but we need your help.

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