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Medieval monastery gardens deconstructed. Burbank’s plums decoded. The wild tomatoes of the Galapagos evaluated. Germplasm exchange expedited. Public sector plant breeding advocated. Farmer-saved seeds saved? Svalbard Global Seed Vault celebrated. Local flour milled. Potato chips (crisps) invented. Indigenous trees taken seriously. Very seriously.

Remembering Lois Englberger

Very sad news. Lois Englberger, nutritionist and fighter for the dietary benefits of agricultural biodiversity, has died. We will remember her dedication, her helpfulness, and her cheerful personality. You can help to support her work with the Island Food Community of Pohnpei with a donation.

Lois Englberger

We should have pointed out way before now that our friends at ProMusa have put together a wiki dedicated to Lois Englberger’s pioneering work. We’ve blogged about Lois on a number of occasions. She’s “a nutritionist and advocate of local food who changed the way people look at bananas, or at least their colour.” A …

Micronesian memories

Jonathan Gourlay’s wonderful dissection of his predictably disastrous experience as an outsider running a shop in Micronesia, One Small Store, struck a chord for a number of reasons. First, the great writing. Here’s a sample, chosen from many possibilities: In Kitti, giant flat basalt stones are still lined up in two rows of three in …