Happy birthday, Bioversity!

Check out the nice anniversary booklet, and listen to the live stream of the celebrations. It’s in just a couple of hours’ time.

Next for Bioversity, of course, is alliance with CIAT, under the guidance of CEO-designate Juan Lucas Restrepo. Best wishes for this important endeavour.

Nibbles: Retiring Ellis, Teff patent, Rice in Bangladesh, Indian wild wheat, Livestock wild relatives, Bambara groundnut, Han diversity, Danone cultures, Drumming, IPBES, World Bee Day, Agroforestry

Brainfood: Rice longevity, HTFP, Carob diversity, Coffee diversity, Tea in China, In situ CWR, Hot potatoes, Luffa diversity, Sorghum production constraints, Flax diversity, Fox snout drugs, Hybrids and adaptation

It’s Meyer time!

There’s nothing on the website yet, but it looks like Dr Tom Payne, genebank manager at CIMMYT, has been awarded the Frank N. Meyer Medal for Plant Genetic Resources for 2019. This is richly deserved. Congratulations to Tom, who joins a very illustrious club.

Tom will no doubt celebrate in the newly refurbished lobby of the genebank.