Nibbles: Alt-proteins, NPGS, Serviceberry, Fungal diseases, Old Irish farm

  1. The benefits of alt-proteins spelled out in a report from the Center for Strategic and International Studies. I bet they’ll need alt-genebanks.
  2. The US national genebank system expertly deconstructed in a page.
  3. Bozakmin, the best of the berries, used to contrast late stage capitalism with Indigenous gift economies. Well worth the long read.
  4. Comment in Nature about how we are not taking fungal diseases of crops sufficiently seriously.
  5. There’s a place in Ireland with a 6000 year history of farming. Well maybe that’s rounded up a bit.

Brainfood: Domestication syndrome, Plasticity & domestication, Founder package, Rice domestication, Aussie wild rice, European beans, Old wine, Bronze Age drugs

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How Native Americans got their horses

You know how you read in history textbooks that the Native Americans of the Great Plains got hold of horses from retreating Spanish colonists after the Pueblo Revolt of 1680? And you know how Native Americans have been saying that’s not what they think happened? That they in fact got their horses long before that? You know how rare it is that a scientific paper involving museum specimens and DNA includes Indigenous authors? And that said paper overturns a mainstream historical narrative and is then splashed all over the mainstream media? Very rare, that’s how rare.