Nibbles: Zoos, China genebank, Trinidad genebank, Patagonia & Breadfruit Institute, Dichotomising food, African food, Twitty on rice

  1. Seed banks, but for animals.
  2. New genebank, for seeds, in China.
  3. Old genebank, for seeds, in Trinidad & Tobago.
  4. Food company collaborates with oldish genebank, of trees.
  5. Industrialist or organicist, we’re still going to need genebanks.
  6. Podcasting on African food. Not a genebank in sight.
  7. How an African food became an American food.

Nibbles: Costich, GHUs, Locusts, Brachiaria, Fruits & veggies, Ag data, Agroecology

  1. Dr Costich’s Odyssey.
  2. CGIAR Germplasm Health Units: Between the Scylla of spreading pests and diseases and the Charybdis of getting stuff out to genebank users too slowly.
  3. Turning insects into food
  4. Feeding cattle under the Congolese sun.
  5. Plenty of intoxicating fruits out there besides lotus.
  6. Weaving a web of data for food security.
  7. Europe heeds the siren song of agroecology.

Brainfood: Bird shit, Ancient Greece, Maize adaptation, Resistant peanut, Adaptive variation, Crop models, AA bananas, Wild wheat, Wild tomatoes, Switchgrass diversity, Phytosanitation, Rice breeding, Seeds 4 Needs double, Wild palm, Threatened biodiversity