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Nibbles: Small farms, DivSeek, Wheat gene atlas, Tannin synthesis, Pest/diseases, Food/feed, Korean vault

  1. Small farms are not just beautiful. Yes, the original paper was in Brainfood back in March, but this website seems to be new.
  2. DivSeek has a new strategic plan to “improve the generation and sharing of information about global plant genetic resources”: accelerate, add value, educate. Small farms unavailable for comment.
  3. Speaking of sharing information on global PGR, we need to do that for wheat genes, wheat gene scientists say.
  4. Probably for tannins too, come to think of it.
  5. FAO says climate change will make pests and diseases worse.
  6. FAO also says that livestock are not as bad as many people think.
  7. The sincerest for of flattery on display in South Korea.