Brainfood: Banana diversity, Cacao and CC, Coffee and CC, Zosya diversity, Certification, Genetic surrogates, Potato diversity, Food sovereignty, Swiss wheat, Seed storage, Golden potato

Nibbles: CWR, Vavilov, Russian wheat, Spinifex, Copal, Pacific veggies, ITPGRFA, GHUs, Brewing, Sustainable meat, Livestock domestication

Brainfood: Landrace adaptation, Scarascia Mugnozza, Scuba rice, Pineapple pollen, Wild French carrots, Saudi chickens, Fava diversity, Banana ripening, Wild wheat, Bavarian vetch

Nibbles: Maize breeding, Baking history, USDA collections, UNEP initiative, Saline rice, Coffee rust, Protein crisis

Brainfood: Finger millet genotyping, Spanish apple diversity, Wheat value chains