Brainfood: Russian PGRFA, Afghanistan wheat, Nepal wheat, Food miles & emissions, Agroecology and nutrition, European ag transition, Agrobiodiversity index, Sicilian durum, Indian fruits, Wild apples, Cider,

Brainfood: Bonds, Agrobiodiversity, Subsidies, Orphan crops, Extension, Biodiversity tourism, Green farming

Brainfood: First farmers, First dogs, First olives, Food sharing, Seed longevity, Seed germination, Conservation & climate change, Urban gardens, Seed movement, Machine learning, Web crawling, Imaging spectroscopy

Nibbles: Access to seeds indeces, Rare plants genebank, Maize and climate change, Bogota market

  1. So there’s an African Seed Access Index whose relationship with the Access to Seeds Index is unclear.
  2. The Pacific Northwest has a genebank called the Miller Seed Vault whose relationship with the National Laboratory for Genetic Resources Preservation in Fort Collins, Colorado is quite clear.
  3. The relationship between climate change and changes in crop distributions is becoming clearer, and more worrying.
  4. What is the relationship between huge markets such as Samper Mendoza in Bogota and plant conservation?