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Robert, on Nibble This, asks:

Why is it – you think – that some peoples go outrageously overboard with chili consumption (to my taste, that is), while others are quite careful in keeping the spiciness under control. Chance? Human genetics? Alternative addictives?

Good question.

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Alan R. Bishop on Seed Exchange is Evil:

We are preventers of bio-terror if we are anything, we are keeping the food supply clean, the environment catered to, and the hopes and dreams of humanity alive and well, as Willie Wonka said “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of the dreams!”

We are?

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Kevin Painting on Housekeeping News:

I couldn’t agree more that category clouds are misleading for many reasons, principally because it might be seen as an indication of your editorial policy (viz. what is important rather than what happens to be the issues of the day).

What we should do about Categories and Tags? Do you want to be able to Tag? To create a folksonomy of agrobiodiversity? Leave a comment.