Nibbles: Eat this tomato, Access to Seeds Index, Tongan coconuts, Grounding the groundnut, Traditional Spain, Genebanks in China and Nigeria, Tree conservation, Sorghum & millet breeding, Iraqi ag, Genebank presentations

  1. Jeremy gets into tomato domestication and diversity on his podcast.
  2. The 2021 Access to Seeds Index Insights Report is out, and includes tomatoes.
  3. What is the most famous place for coconut varieties?
  4. A new book attempts to decolonize the peanut.
  5. Blood and water in Spain.
  6. A tale of two genebanks: China and Nigeria. Maybe the African Union can help? If not, maybe China might.
  7. Africa needs help with tree planting too. Maybe follow Italy’s example?
  8. Though maybe sorghum and millet will be ok.
  9. Send them to Iraqi farmers?
  10. Presentations on seed conservation and use in genebanks.

A new genebank for the ages is set for ages

Great news from the opening ceremony of the new Future Seeds genebank in Palmira, Colombia on 15 March:

The Bezos Earth Fund pledged US$17 million for Future Seeds, a new CGIAR genebank inaugurated today. The new genebank will bolster global efforts to safeguard the world’s future food supply.

This genebank is truly next-level:

Future Seeds is the most advanced facility in Latin America and is expected to become the first ever platinum-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design)-certified genebank building in the world. Its Data Discovery and Biotechnology Lab will use big-data technologies to mine the genebank using the latest in genetics to document the range of possibly useful traits in the current collection. Other breakthrough technologies across genebanks include drones and robotic rovers, which are helping analyze crop characteristics in the field more rapidly, and the use of artificial intelligence to enable collectors to identify potential biodiversity hotspots in nature.

Here, check it out for yourselves:

And here’s an overview of the collections from Genesys (beans in red, cassava blue, forages green).

Full disclosure: we also support the place at work.

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Nibbles: Seed saving edition

  1. Seed saving in The Guardian.
  2. Seed saving in Nigeria.
  3. More seed saving needed in Zimbabwe.
  4. Save seeds instead of growing GMO crops? The “debate” continues…
  5. Is seed saving among the best-bet government interventions to fix our diets? Find out.
  6. Seed saving on, whatever that is.
  7. Will the new Oxford nature recovery centre look into seed saving, I wonder?
  8. Saving baobab seeds in Burkina Faso.
  9. We need joined-up food system thinking. Starting with seed saving?