Nibbles: Mustard, Sugar, Cassowary, Citrus, Beans

  1. Cologne has a mustard museum and I want to visit it.
  2. Lecture on the role of sugar in supporting slavery and capitalism. Where is the sugar museum?Ah here it is.
  3. The cassowary may have been domesticated in New Guinea ten thousand years ago (with sugarcane?). Deserves a museum.
  4. Speaking of domestication, here is how that of citrus happened. There’s actually a number of different citrus museums out there.
  5. Nice PhD opportunity Sweden studying beans in Rwanda. There are museums in both places, I’m pretty sure.

Nibbles: Cryo genebanks, In situ network, Biodiversity fund, Swiss grape, Coffee history, Wild plant use, Plant breeding impact

  1. Panel discussion on cryopreservation in genebanks on 25 June, save the date!
  2. Forget cryo, what about a network of European network for the conservation and sustainable use of plant genetic resources, in cultivation and in the wild? See who is interested. And express interest yourself.
  3. Germans launch Legacy Landscape Fund for biodiversity hotspots. European in situ PGR conservation network unavailable for comment. Let alone cryo genebanks.
  4. I wonder if that European on-farm conservation network will include the Completer grape, ideally in a monastery.
  5. Decolonizing coffee. Somebody want to write about religion and crops?
  6. Using wild plants in south and southeast Asia. Maybe they need a network too.
  7. Plant breeders say plant breeding is really important.

Nibbles: Breeding conference, Anthropology conference, Ecosystem services, Quality of life, Gates on CGIAR, Cost of diets

  1. The 10th Annual Cornell Plant Breeding Symposium is coming up in April.
  2. The Anthropology and Conservation Virtual Conference is coming up in October.
  3. How much is a farm worth, environmentally speaking? Plant breeders and anthropologists invited to reply.
  4. How much is nature worth to quality of life?
  5. How much is the research of CGIAR worth?
  6. How much does a healthy diet cost?
  7. The oldest beer factor? Priceless?