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Wheat landraces get together

As part of the 1st International Conference of Wheat Landraces for Healthy Food Systems, the local host is planning a field day that would showcase a variety of wheat landraces, including those sent in by conference participants.

Another nice idea.

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Where is Utrecht blue wheat from?

Can you help our friends at CGN? There is a wheat of this name in Genesys whose origin is given as Canada, but I can find no Utrecht in that country.

Botany schooled about crop genebanks

So, thanks to an invitation from graduate students, I was able to give a lecture in the University of Cambridge Botany School (as was) auditorium about 35 years after last listening to one there. A somewhat emotional experience. Here’s the talk, minus a cute though entirely superfluous Google Earth zoom into the Svalbard Vault because that made it too big for SlideShare.