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Nibbles: Ghana genebank, Indian crop breeding, Bhutan genebank, Grafting, Vielfalt auf Feldern und Tellern

  1. Genebank pushes Bambara groundnut in Ghana.
  2. Acharya NG Ranga Agricultural University develops new varieties, deposits them in Indian genebank.
  3. Bhutan’s national genebank explains its work.
  4. Grafting fruit trees in India to save them.
  5. All of the above contribute to SDG 2.5.
  6. All of the above are needed to get out of the food and climate crises. How? Crop Trust executive directors explains for German speakers.

Nibbles: Old olive, Silphion, Heirloom watermelon, Calabrian chili, ICARDA genebank, Jamaica genebank, Tamil community seedbank, Forestry seeds

  1. Really old olive tree in the gardens of the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba is a lost variety.
  2. Long extinct medicinal spice plant not extinct after all?
  3. The next nearly extinct heirloom on our list is a watermelon from Virginia. Who knows, it may originally have been grown in Cordoba or Cyrenaica…
  4. And moving in the opposite direction, a really hot Calabrian chili pepper beats the heat.
  5. The ICARDA genebank is trying to find stuff that will beat the heat too.
  6. Jamaica is looking to beat the heat by establishing some new genebanks.
  7. Tamil Nadu going the community seedbank route, and why not? Jamaica please take note.
  8. An alliance of forestry outfits is pushing for a global seedbank infrastructure to support woodland restoration. Nothing if not ambitious. And much needed.

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