Brainfood: Genetic erosion, Ecosystem services, Cereal mixtures, Natural enemies, Soil microbiome double

Brainfood: Coconut in vitro, Clean cryo, Chickpea & lentil collections, Genebank data history, Eurisco update, Mining genebank data, TIK, Sampling strategy, Drones, GIS, Mexican CWR, Post-2020 biodiversity framework

Brainfood: Indigenous crops, Indian vegetables, Local breeds, Wheat identity, Date names, Food security & heritage, Peruvian cuisine, Food sovereignty, Palestinian seeds, Tea culture, Sacred groves, Food system transformation, Diverse landscapes

Nibbles: Edible Memory, Tomatomania, British apples, Turgovian pear, Climate & crops, Food systems buzzwords, NTBG jobs, World Food Day 2022

  1. Edible Memory for free, for a month. Heirloom tomatoes and more.
  2. Speaking of heirloom tomatoes… Tomatomania! The podcast. And the website.
  3. The ritual autumn BBC story on heirloom apples. Anyone for applemania?
  4. Would you settle for pearmania? Perrymania actually.
  5. Mania or no, crops have taken a hit this year.
  6. The truth behind some buzzwords in food systems discourse from IPES-Food. Spoiler alert: agroecologymania.
  7. Some cool breadfruit etc. jobs going in Hawaii at the National Tropical Botanical Garden.
  8. Kent Nnadozie has a pretty cool job at the Plant Treaty, here’s an interview with him on the occasion of World Food Day.