Brainfood: Lettuce, Little millet, Finger millet, Rice, Maize, Apple, Brassicas, Onions, Grapevine, Tomato, Sheep, Species diversity, Genetic diversity

Brainfood: PES, WTP, Agroforestry, SPA, Urban trees, Plant uses, Fish diversity, Gene editing, Algae, HTP, Cassava breeding, Barcoding, Grasspea genomics, Ancient farmers

Brainfood: Allium collecting, IPK barley double, Capsicum crossability, Genetic erosion, Chickpea breeding, Maize phenotyping, Maize landraces, Pre-adaptation, Synthetic peanuts, Genomic offset, Cotton domestication, Public breeding, Wholeness, Smallness trifecta

Nibbles: Apple conservation & breeding, Seychelles coconut, Serow, Restoration, Seeds InService, Banana collecting, Oz glasshouse, Soltis video

  1. Citizen science to conserve apples.
  2. Citizen science to breed apples.
  3. Citizen science to conserve the coco de mer.
  4. Conserving a goat-antelope in Sumatra. Maybe try citizen science?
  5. Sourcing seeds for reforestation is tough. Maybe try citizen science?
  6. Art to conserve seeds.
  7. Scientists get help from citizens to collect improbable bananas of PNG.
  8. Australian genebank gets a biosafety facility. Paid for by citizens.
  9. The legendary Pamela Soltis on polyploidy. She’s a citizen too.