Brainfood: First farmers, First dogs, First olives, Food sharing, Seed longevity, Seed germination, Conservation & climate change, Urban gardens, Seed movement, Machine learning, Web crawling, Imaging spectroscopy

Brainfood: Finger millet diversity, US wheat diversity, Enset diversity, Anglo Saxon diets, Agrobiodiversity index, Rangeland management, Butia groves, Cryotherapy, Bogia Syndrome, Niche models, Merino ancestors

Nibbles: Eat this tomato, Access to Seeds Index, Tongan coconuts, Grounding the groundnut, Traditional Spain, Genebanks in China and Nigeria, Tree conservation, Sorghum & millet breeding, Iraqi ag, Genebank presentations

  1. Jeremy gets into tomato domestication and diversity on his podcast.
  2. The 2021 Access to Seeds Index Insights Report is out, and includes tomatoes.
  3. What is the most famous place for coconut varieties?
  4. A new book attempts to decolonize the peanut.
  5. Blood and water in Spain.
  6. A tale of two genebanks: China and Nigeria. Maybe the African Union can help? If not, maybe China might.
  7. Africa needs help with tree planting too. Maybe follow Italy’s example?
  8. Though maybe sorghum and millet will be ok.
  9. Send them to Iraqi farmers?
  10. Presentations on seed conservation and use in genebanks.