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  1. Podcast on saving crop diversity every which way you can.
  2. Because it can be lost.
  3. Yes, lost, but, with some effort, bison permitting, found again.
  4. Wild relatives too, of course.
  5. And maybe then rematriated, even used for a greener agriculture, who knows.
  6. So that eventually it can make it into things like Legume Perspective, the cool journal of the International Legume Society that was inexplicably unknown to me until just now.

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Yes, we have lots of banana news

There’s recently been some interesting banana germplasm collecting in Papua New Guinea.1

The results are summarized in two articles, one in Plants evaluating methods to ensure the viability of collected seeds, and the other in Crop Science summarizing the characterization of diverse phenotypes.

We’ve included both the papers in question in past Brainfoods, but this press release, from which the above quote is taken, does a really nice job of bringing them together. It might also have added an additional recent paper on the work of the International Musa Germplasm Transit Centre (ITC), but anyway.

There’s a whole bunch of summary statistics on the ITC, and lots of useful links, on the Genebank Platform webpage. And of course Genesys has a selection of accession-level data. But the place for all your banana information needs is ProMusa.

  1. No, I don’t mean the Bougainville expedition, do keep up. []