Brainfood: Filbert genome, Weed evaluation, Cocoa bugs, Grass genes, Perennial ag, Forage quality, Forest gardens, Protected areas, Anthropocene, Pollinators, Neolithic burials, House mice

Brainfood: Lettuce, Little millet, Finger millet, Rice, Maize, Apple, Brassicas, Onions, Grapevine, Tomato, Sheep, Species diversity, Genetic diversity

Brainfood: PES, WTP, Agroforestry, SPA, Urban trees, Plant uses, Fish diversity, Gene editing, Algae, HTP, Cassava breeding, Barcoding, Grasspea genomics, Ancient farmers

Nibbles: Big Ag, Agroecology, Open seeds, Canadian garlic, CSN, CGIAR, Mary Jane, Rapid phenotyping, DSI, Roman gardens

  1. Yay Big Agriculture!
  2. Don’t listen to them: yay agroecology!
  3. Come down everyone, DW with the balanced view on open seeds.
  4. Meanwhile, there’s a project to document all the garlic varieties grown in Canada.
  5. And the Community Seed Network is hard at work.
  6. All those seeds are going to have to be kept alive: this is how the CGIAR genebanks do it.
  7. Morocco thinks about legalizing kif.
  8. Need help phenotyping your kif, Morocco?
  9. Soon there will be lots of sequence information on that kif, and then you’ll need a way to regulate access, and this study for the European Commission might help.
  10. Ok you’ll need a palate cleanser after that, I suspect: Roman gardens, perhaps?