Nibbles: “Millets”, GLF, Agrobiodiversity & resilience, Nepali earthquake, Seed systems, Super beans in Uganda, Cherokee seeds, Potato Park, Italian cook, Ancient turkeys, Linnaean globalization, Wild rice genomes

  • I really don’t like the way a bunch of very different cereals are lumped together as “millets,” but anyway.
  • Mongabay optimistic about climate-smart agriculture after Global Landscape Forum.
  • I guess it must be the resilience.
  • Rebuilding Nepali seed systems after the earthquake. See what I mean?
  • And here’s a primer on innovative seed systems work from ICRISAT.
  • Beans for refugees. Seeds systems at work.
  • Cherokee nation knows what to do to get seeds out there.
  • So does the Parque de la Papa, for that matter.
  • Morocco has truffles? Yep.
  • Ancient turkeys were pets, not food.
  • Linnaeus was a globalist. Not his fault, though.
  • Australian gene-jockey says that Australian wild rice genome could make it easier to grow rice in Australia. Linnaeus, where are you?

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