Brainfood: Post 2020, Dietary diversity, African greens, Pollinator diversity, Seed science, Seed systems, Sorghum landraces, Wild millet, Maize microbiome, AnGR, Yosemite apples

Brainfood: Sweet cassava, Iranian wheat, Wild tomato, Ethiopian sorghum, Portuguese beans, Wild Algerian oats, Angolan Vigna, Apple tree, Regeneration, Robusta climate, Bronze Age diets, Maize domestication, Veld fruits, Red yeasts, Remote sensing

Nibbles: Macron magic, UK Strategic Priorities Fund, Macadamia, Tepary, Nordic spuds, Diversification, Carolina rice, Couscous, Wild tobacco, Yeast diversity, Da 5 Foods

  1. France pushes for agricultural development. Money to follow mouth?
  2. Meanwhile, Britain puts its money into its own food systems.
  3. The macadamia is not diverse enough. Who’d have thought it.
  4. Couscous gets protected. Phew, ’cause it’s right on the verge of extinction, isn’t it.
  5. I hope tepary beans don’t become the next macadamia.
  6. Reviving old potatoes the Nordic way.
  7. Malaysia told to look beyond oil palm. To tepary and macadamia, maybe?
  8. Speaking of diversification, how about Laotian rice in Appalachia?
  9. Chasing the wild tobacco. See what I did there?
  10. Yeast has been domesticated by bakers into two genetic groups: industrial and artisanal sourdough.
  11. A history of the world in entirely the wrong 5 foods.