Nibbles: Crop loss, Soil data, CONABIO stuff, Digging dope, Ceres2030

  • There’s a series of interactive workshops to gather feedback on how to measure the Global Burden of Crop Loss. I want an initiative on the Global Burden of Crop Diversity Loss though.
  • Soil data makes its way to Google Maps.
  • CONABIO has some really excellent agrobiodiversity posters and other resources. Calabazas and amaranth are just the start, so dig away on these orphan crops and others.
  • Speaking of digging, ancient people got high. Well there’s a shocker.
  • Speaking of shockers: huge literature review says researchers should get to grips with smallholders.

Nibbles: Taxonomic web, Oz restoration tools, ABS in India, Colombian seeds, Old date, Diverse cereals

Brainfood: Millet yields, Millet review, Taro genome, Salty sunflower, WorldVeg network, Phylorelatives, Bovine domestication, Diet quality, Nutrition metrics, Aztec diets, Complementary conservation, Post-2020, Climate change breeding

Nibbles: How-to trifecta, Indigenous maps, ITPGRFA, SeedLinked, Tequila