Examples of ABS wanted

As part of BGCI’s Darwin Initiative project with the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, BGCI is gathering practical examples of measures that ex situ collections, research institutions and their networks are taking to ensure that they acquire, use and transfer plant genetic resources and share benefits in compliance with national and international laws, respecting the rights of provider communities and in accordance with mutually agreed terms… BGCI seeks further examples of institutional and network ABS measures! Please send suggestions to abs@bgci.org.

No sign of the Seed Treaty’s ABS arrangements

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Opportunities for seedy people

Two related (sort of) opportunities for you today. First, if you’re a young agricultural economist with an interest in impact assessment, you may want to check out the Crop Trust-CGIAR “Genebank Impacts Fellowship Program.” And second, if you want to study how to tweak seed systems and thus increase those genebank impacts, have a look at the call for proposals from NWO-WOTRO Science for Global Development, CGIAR and the Food & Business Knowledge Platform.

LATER: As you were, here’s a third one: a training course leading to certification in Seed System Security Assessment.

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  • I really don’t like the way a bunch of very different cereals are lumped together as “millets,” but anyway.
  • Mongabay optimistic about climate-smart agriculture after Global Landscape Forum.
  • I guess it must be the resilience.
  • Rebuilding Nepali seed systems after the earthquake. See what I mean?
  • And here’s a primer on innovative seed systems work from ICRISAT.
  • Beans for refugees. Seeds systems at work.
  • Cherokee nation knows what to do to get seeds out there.
  • So does the Parque de la Papa, for that matter.
  • Morocco has truffles? Yep.
  • Ancient turkeys were pets, not food.
  • Linnaeus was a globalist. Not his fault, though.
  • Australian gene-jockey says that Australian wild rice genome could make it easier to grow rice in Australia. Linnaeus, where are you?