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Nibbles: Apple diversity, Quinoa diversity, Potato diversity, Indian coconut, Mead recipe

  1. The need to diversify apple breeding.
  2. Unlikely pean to the world quinoa core collection. I believe we may have blogged about it.
  3. And the Commonwealth Potato Collection rounds off today’s trifecta of cool genebanks.
  4. Kerala’s coconut problems only start with root wilt. Aren’t there coconut collections that could be used to solve them? Well of course there are.
  5. Recreating bochet, a medieval mead, sounds really hard, but worth it. Someone want to start a mead collection?

Nibbles: ISSS, SeedWorld, Farmers Pride, GRIN-U, Indian rematriation, NZ potatoes, European farming

  1. 13th Triennial Meeting of the International Society for Seed Science: Note in particular Dr Chris Ojiewo of ICRISAT on “Seed systems supporting legume crop improvement.”
  2. Latest SeedWorld: Note in particular the article on QPM (quality protein maize) from CIMMYT (go to p 53).
  3. NordGen’s Write-up of the Farmers’ Pride conference “Ensuring Diversity for Food and Agriculture”: Note in particular Dr Maria Bönisch on the first official network for crop wild relatives in Europe.
  4. GRIN-U — Training resources for plant genetic resources conservation: Note in particular the genebank tours.
  5. The John Innes Centre genebank sends some wheat back to India. The Benin Bronzes next?
  6. Taewa, the Maori potato, gets a nice write-up. No word on returning it to somewhere in South America.
  7. Young researchers helping European farmers diversify. How about by using Indian wheat and Maori potatoes?

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