Nibbles: Wild wheat, Saving coffee, Wild rice, 3 Sisters video, Blenheim honeybees, NDCs

  1. The ancient, wild, Georgian roots of bread wheat gluten.
  2. Wild relatives could help us save coffee. But we knew that. Right?
  3. Photosynthesis in wild rices responds more quickly to light changes than in the crop, stomata not so much. Sometimes domestication giveth, sometimes it taketh away.
  4. It gave us the Three Sisters for sure. With video goodness.
  5. Honeybees have wild relatives too. Well, maybe.
  6. But do the NDCs recognise any of the above?

Brainfood: Healthy diets, Healthy foods, Nature dependence, Farm size, Climate-smart ag, Monitoring diversity, Pollinators double, Intensification, WTP, Mexican booze

Brainfood: Coconut cloning, Apricot diversity, European ag double, Diet seasonality, Farm size, Ethiopian seeds, Biocultural diversity, Aquatic food, Grasslands, Pollinator mixtures

Brainfood: Pollinators double, C4 grasses, Pre-breeding, Lupins resources, New wild coffees, Refugee deforestation, Tuber niches, Sampling strategy, Infection risk, Levant Bronze & Iron Age

Nibbles: Apple diversity, Quinoa diversity, Potato diversity, Indian coconut, Mead recipe

  1. The need to diversify apple breeding.
  2. Unlikely pean to the world quinoa core collection. I believe we may have blogged about it.
  3. And the Commonwealth Potato Collection rounds off today’s trifecta of cool genebanks.
  4. Kerala’s coconut problems only start with root wilt. Aren’t there coconut collections that could be used to solve them? Well of course there are.
  5. Recreating bochet, a medieval mead, sounds really hard, but worth it. Someone want to start a mead collection?