Brainfood: UK NUS, German labelling, Indian diversity, Ghana fonio, Kenya veggies, Rwanda biofortified beans, Cassava WTP, Urochloa resources, Perennial flax

Nibbles: Seed info, Potato 101, Coffee 101, Rice repatriation, Iraq genebank, Use or lose, Teff breeding, Micronutrients, Agrobiodiversity, Plant a Seed Kit, WorldVeg to Svalbard, Seed Health Units

  1. Eastern and Southern Africa Small-scale Farmers’ Forum (ESAFF) launches SEED GIST, a quarterly repository of seed literature.
  2. A fun romp through potato history.
  3. A fun romp through coffee history.
  4. Hong Kong gets some rice seeds back from the IRRI genebank.
  5. No doubt Iraq will get some seeds back from the ICARDA genebank soon.
  6. Genebanks are only the beginning though.
  7. Breeding teff in, wait for it, South Africa.
  8. The possible tradeoffs of an environmentally friendly diet.
  9. IIED on the value of agrobiodiversity. Includes an environmentally-friendly and/or nutritious diet.
  10. Slow Food’s Plant a Seed Kit is all about agrobiodiversity and healthy diets. What, though, no teff?
  11. WorldVeg knows all about seed kits, and safety duplication.
  12. Gotta make sure those seeds are healthy, though. Here’s how CGIAR does it.

Brainfood: Yield gap, Domestication & breeding, TEK, Breeding gourds, Breeding pearl millet, Breeding peas, Banana seed systems, Breeding bees

Nibbles: Seed video, Kew video, Indonesian cassava, Crop maps, Neglected crops, KEPHIS lab, Turkish genebank, Nepal rice, Polynesian sugarcane, Ancient beer, Garlic basics

  1. Nice video celebrating seeds.
  2. Nice old video about Kew Gardens.
  3. Tracing the origins of Indonesian cassava. No, it wasn’t introduced by Kew, but yes, colonialism was involved.
  4. Latest data on where crops are grown. Including cassava.
  5. Self Help Africa director turns on to neglected crops. Including cassava.
  6. New lab in Kenya for spreading clean crops around. Including cassava?
  7. Türkiye’s genebank in the news. No cassava.
  8. Nepalese rice gets a Welsh upgrade.
  9. Collecting sugarcane in French Polynesia to (eventually) support local booze industry.
  10. Long live the ancient booze bandwagon.
  11. Garlic 101.