Brainfood: RICA, AEGIS, CWR, Agrosavia, DSI, CRISPR, Tradition, SNS, Stability, Birds, Sparing, Genetic erosion

Nibbles: Ethiopian gardens, Potato history, Early tobacco, Byzantine wine, American grapevines, Farmers & conservation

  1. Lecture on the enset (and other things) gardens of Ethiopia coming up in November.
  2. Book on the potato and governance tries to rescue small subsistence farmers from “the enormous condescension of posterity.”
  3. (Really) ancient Americans may have smoked around the campfire. Tobacco, people, just tobacco.
  4. Byzantine era wine factory found in Israel. Pass the bottle.
  5. Meanwhile, half a world away, Indigenous Americans were using their own grapes in their own way.
  6. Farmers and conservation of crop diversity.

Brainfood: Cola trade, Amalfi terraces, Satoyama value, Burkinabe cattle, Tree planting, Chickpea adoption, Varietal diversification, Wheat diversity, Maize adaptation, Stress breeding, Root & tubers, Cropping data

How are plants doing out there?

The International Workshop on the Global Plant Health Assessment is being held in Toulouse, France, on October 5-8, 2021.

The Global Plant Health Assessment (GPHA) aims to provide a first-time ever overall assessment of plant health in the natural and human-made ecosystems of the world. Plant health is assessed through the functions that plants ensure in ecosystems: “ecosystem services”. The GPHA will assess plant health on the basis of published, science‐ and fact‐based, expert evaluations.

There’s lots of interesting reporting on Twitter using #GPHA2021.