Nibbles: GenResBridge, Food for All, CIAT genebank, Seed for the Future, Vavilov book, Seeing Pastoralism, S Sudan floods, Sustainable diets, Elon Musk, CePaCT, NZ genebank, Wild potato, Peyote

  1. Europe gets a genetic resources strategy at last. Rejoice.
  2. Book on how international organizations could, should, would transform agriculture.
  3. Meanwhile, in Cali
  4. BBVA and El Celler de Can Roca collaborate on forgotten foods documentary, Seeds for the Future.
  5. A novel about Vavilov? Well, why not.
  6. Exhibition on pastoralism.
  7. Visual essay on floods in South Sudan.
  8. Why not throw money at food security though? I mean, just see above, right?
  9. Beyond the EAT-Lancet diet. S. Sudan unavailable for comment.
  10. The SPC genebank curator waxes lyrical.
  11. Not far away, New Zealand cryopreserves some of its native plants.
  12. The latest on the Four Corners potato. I hope it’s in cryo…
  13. …and that it doesn’t go the way of the peyote.

Nibbles: Archaeobotany, Citrus genebank, Vitellaria, Potato genebank, Pignolo, IK, Atlas of Living Australia,

  1. Q&A with an archaeobotanist looking into the domestication history of maize and gourds.
  2. Q&A with the curators of the University of California, Riverside Citrus Variety Collection.
  3. Q&A on the shea tree genome.
  4. CIP’s potato cryobank. There’s probably a Q&A somewhere too.
  5. Snippets of a review of an interesting-sounding book about the almost-forgotten Pignolo grape.
  6. Snippets of the Indigenous ecological knowledge used by traditional agriculturalists in India.
  7. A more systematic approach to documenting and protecting Indigenous ecological knowledge from Australia.

Nibbles: Mesopotamian ag & gardens, Old dogs, Ethiopian church groves, High Desert Seed, Australian Rubus, Fuggle hop, New sweet potato, Naming organisms

  1. Jeremy’s newsletter deals with Sumerian grains, among other things.
  2. Which may have been grown in the gardens of Uruk.
  3. I suppose the Sumerians must have had weird dogs frolicking around their gardens?
  4. Maybe they even thought of their gardens as sacred places. You know, like in Ethiopia.
  5. Seeds for a desert half a world away from Sumeria.
  6. Meanwhile, half a world away in the other direction, a thornless raspberry takes a bow.
  7. The Sumerians had beer, right? Not with this hop though. Or any hops, actually.
  8. Pretty sure they didn’t have sweet potatoes either. Of any colour.
  9. They had names for whatever they grew of course. And such vernacular names can be a pain in the ass, but also kinda fun.

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