Nibbles: Roman cuisine, Jewish cooking, Seed sources, Prof. Moreno, English gardens, Cassava

  1. Very expensive new book on Roman and old reasonable one on Jewish cooking for that special person in your life.
  2. Places you can buy heirloom seeds for that special person in your life.
  3. The special person that is the new head of the UPM Plant Germplasm Bank in Spain.
  4. I learned from this article on a newly excavated Tudor garden about a pretty special grapevine.
  5. Cassava is pretty special, despite its reputation.

Nibbles: Chickpea, Rice, Potato, Open seeds, Ipomoea, Cider apples, Functional foods, Colombian seeds, Meaty diets, Coffee ritual

  1. Chickpea breeding in the news, if you can believe it.
  2. Somehow rice breeding in the news is easier to believe.
  3. Or potato breeding, for that matter.
  4. The case for public ownership of seed. Now, that would be news.
  5. I doubt that changing the sweet potato’s scientific name will ever be news.
  6. Michigan’s cider lovers round up their favourite apples.
  7. Visualization on how to make functional foods sustainable.
  8. A Colombian (seed) exchange.
  9. People have always eaten meat. Sure, but so what?
  10. Anyone for coffee?

Nibbles: Macron magic, UK Strategic Priorities Fund, Macadamia, Tepary, Nordic spuds, Diversification, Carolina rice, Couscous, Wild tobacco, Yeast diversity, Da 5 Foods

  1. France pushes for agricultural development. Money to follow mouth?
  2. Meanwhile, Britain puts its money into its own food systems.
  3. The macadamia is not diverse enough. Who’d have thought it.
  4. Couscous gets protected. Phew, ’cause it’s right on the verge of extinction, isn’t it.
  5. I hope tepary beans don’t become the next macadamia.
  6. Reviving old potatoes the Nordic way.
  7. Malaysia told to look beyond oil palm. To tepary and macadamia, maybe?
  8. Speaking of diversification, how about Laotian rice in Appalachia?
  9. Chasing the wild tobacco. See what I did there?
  10. Yeast has been domesticated by bakers into two genetic groups: industrial and artisanal sourdough.
  11. A history of the world in entirely the wrong 5 foods.

Nibbles: Svalbard, Amazon fires, China genebank, Gardening, CPVO

  1. Nice genebanks mashup from the always-excellent Mongabay.
  2. Analyzing social media to understand how forest governance is perceived. I want to do it for genebanks now…
  3. …Genebanks such as China’s wild plants genebank, for example.
  4. Thomas Fairchild was a genebanker of sorts 300 years ago.
  5. Once genebanks have been used by breeders, and varieties released (at least in Europe), you’ll be able to find them in the CPVO Variety Finder. I’m sure Fairchild would be impressed.