Nibbles: Archaeobotany, Citrus genebank, Vitellaria, Potato genebank, Pignolo, IK, Atlas of Living Australia,

  1. Q&A with an archaeobotanist looking into the domestication history of maize and gourds.
  2. Q&A with the curators of the University of California, Riverside Citrus Variety Collection.
  3. Q&A on the shea tree genome.
  4. CIP’s potato cryobank. There’s probably a Q&A somewhere too.
  5. Snippets of a review of an interesting-sounding book about the almost-forgotten Pignolo grape.
  6. Snippets of the Indigenous ecological knowledge used by traditional agriculturalists in India.
  7. A more systematic approach to documenting and protecting Indigenous ecological knowledge from Australia.

Brainfood: Transeurasian languages, Japanese rice, Grapevine pip shapes, Citrus evolution & domestication, Yak domestication, Brassica domestication, Coffee diversity, Switchgrass diversity, Onion landrace, Seed systems

Brainfood: Chickpea genomes, DIIVA, Maize evolution, Malting barley, Wild gluten, Cucurbit review, Coconut genome double, USDA rice collection, CIAT bean collection, PGRFA data integration, USA cattle diversity, PGRFA history

Nibbles: Wild wheat, Saving coffee, Wild rice, 3 Sisters video, Blenheim honeybees, NDCs

  1. The ancient, wild, Georgian roots of bread wheat gluten.
  2. Wild relatives could help us save coffee. But we knew that. Right?
  3. Photosynthesis in wild rices responds more quickly to light changes than in the crop, stomata not so much. Sometimes domestication giveth, sometimes it taketh away.
  4. It gave us the Three Sisters for sure. With video goodness.
  5. Honeybees have wild relatives too. Well, maybe.
  6. But do the NDCs recognise any of the above?

Nibbles: Green FAO, Veggie breeding, TABLE debate, Better seeds

  1. There’s an FAO Global Conference on Green Development of Seed Industries this Thursday and Friday. Includes sessions on genebanks.
  2. I hope it will cover the breeding of weird — and not-so-weird — vegetables as well as this Food Programme episode did.
  3. And debate the issues as effectively as was done by Pat Mooney and Charles Godfray at this TABLE event.
  4. Meanwhile, in Malawi and the Philippines
  5. All we are saying