Brainfood: Special citizen science edition

Something for the weekend. I hope you enjoy this special edition of Brainfood focusing on citizen science, Indigenous knowledge and participatory research. Do you like themed Brainfood editions like this? There will be another one on Monday, as it happens. They’re more tricky to produce, but if there’s significant interest I may make the extra effort. Let me know, and suggest topics.

Brainfood: CGIAR, Genebank data, AI & diseases, Mentha CWR, Tree crops, Carrot diversity, Rice sampling, Perennial rice, Rice de-domestication, Malagasy deforestation, Saving pollinators, Sheep domestication, FFS, Wine signatures

The latest biodiversity mega-papers, tweeted

Always great when someone summarizes three major biodiversity publications for you in one tweet.

Just in case something happens to that tweet, here’s the text:

Big hitters in conservation today, in a nutshell:

Biodiversity has declined globally for decades

but we’ve prevented some extinctions

and could reverse loss by 2050

And thanks to Joe Bull for saving me a lot of work.

Oh, and here’s a further spoiler from Twitter for the last paper on the list.

Nibbles: Taxonomic web, Oz restoration tools, ABS in India, Colombian seeds, Old date, Diverse cereals