Clash of Titans — You Pick The Winner

It’s been a little more than a year, and the entries for The First Great Competition are all in! Time to decide.

Long-time readers will recall that Robert Hijmans submitted a timelapse of a rice that can survive extended flooding, from the International Rice Research Institute, while Miss Hathorn submitted a few of her favourite things, from her allotment. As both are already on YouTube we’re going to unilaterally change the rules and say that’s fine. And here they are again so you can watch one more time before casting your vote.

There’s an iPod nano at stake here, so take your responsibilities separately. The voting booth is just below. You don’t have to be registered on the site to vote, but why not register anyway? The polls are open for a month. And while we ourselves are incorruptible, there’s nothing to stop the Titans doing whatever they like to steal the election.


7 Replies to “Clash of Titans — You Pick The Winner”

  1. In our rabidly competitive world, those who come second, or last, if you prefer, get nothing. They are publicly humiliated, but, seeking revenge, vow to do better next time.

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