Spreading the good news about forages

I know I Nibbled it, but I think it’s worth giving a bit more space to the tropical forages newsletter Forages for the Future, edited by Bruce Pengelly and Brigitte Maass. In Brigitte’s words: “The newsletter is meant to start re-building a community that is interested and engaged in tropical and subtropical forage genetic resources, their conservation and utilization.”

All 6 issues may be found on the website of the journal Tropical Grasslands-Forrajes Tropicales. Let us know if you want to be added to the mailing list. Because, as you’ll remember from a recent Brainfood, forages are not all bad.

Examples of ABS wanted

As part of BGCI’s Darwin Initiative project with the Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute, BGCI is gathering practical examples of measures that ex situ collections, research institutions and their networks are taking to ensure that they acquire, use and transfer plant genetic resources and share benefits in compliance with national and international laws, respecting the rights of provider communities and in accordance with mutually agreed terms… BGCI seeks further examples of institutional and network ABS measures! Please send suggestions to abs@bgci.org.

No sign of the Seed Treaty’s ABS arrangements

Early warning of crop diseases, and hopefully more

CIAT scientist Monica Carvajal has a great idea. She wants to develop a global crop disease surveillance system:

The system…will go beyond using the smartest tools to detect pathogens, which refer to organisms that harm plants such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, and phytoplasma. It will also include recommendations on how to best communicate the presence of emerging diseases to authorities and prompt necessary actions to avert a massive outbreak.

I hope it will also help to save any crop diversity threatened by the said pathogens, while at the same time identifying diversity that could be used to breed resistant varieties.

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