A global overview of domestication

I think I may have missed the PNAS paper “Current perspectives and the future of domestication studies” when it came out in 2014. I certainly can’t seem to find it on the blog here. But I’m glad it got mentioned recently on Twitter because it has something I’ve been searching for on and off for a while now: a reasonably up-to-date timeline of crop and livestock domestication. Which I’m therefore happy to reproduce here. I’d love to read a global narrative of the history of domestication linking all these together.

Brainfood: Opuntia breeding, Teosinte genes, Sugarcane breeding, Proso diversity, Watermelon diversity, Wheat pre-breeding, Sorghum wild relatives, Grasspea evaluation, Banana domestication, Pea pan-genome, Bambara diversity

Brainfood: Diversity & stability, Diversity & profitability, Rotations, Food environments, Food system transitions, Deforestation & ag, Great Lakes priorities, Translational research, Field size, Genetic erosion