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An indicator for the conservation of socioeconomically and culturally valuable plants

The CIAT/CropTrust proposal for the calculation of “Comprehensiveness of conservation of socioeconomically as well as culturally valuable species” is up on the Biodiversity Indicators Partnership website.

Here’s a recent blog post on the indicator, which is relevant for Aichi Target 13 and SDG 2, Target 2.5.

And here’s the underlying paper which described the method in detail: Comprehensiveness of conservation of useful wild plants: An operational indicator for biodiversity and sustainable development targets.

Finally, here’s the website where you can explore the data.

Reforestation: Where, why, and how much?

There’s been a spate of papers on reforestation just lately and I was despairing of being able to keep track of them, let alone read them. But along comes Jonah Busch, Chief Economist at Earth Innovation, to make sense of all the maps in a couple of tweets:

Here are the papers:

Thanks, Jonah!

LATER: There’s a nice round-up of two of the studies in Mother Nature Network. Bottom line is in the title: Massive reforestation might be the moonshot we need to slow down climate change. That doesn’t mean forests are a silver bullet, though.

Bill Gates has CGIAR’s back

We will need many new ideas like these to help farmers be prepared to meet the challenges of our changing climate. If they are, we will all have an answer to the question “What’s for dinner?” for years to come.

That’s His Billness on the importance of CGIAR and its scientists. Would have been nice to have a shoutout for the genebanks too, but I know he appreciates them just as much as the breeding work.

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