Tom Payne on a career conserving and using wheat diversity

It’s really transition time at the CIMMYT genebank. Denise Costich retired, and Terry Molnar took over her role running the maize part of the operation. And very soon Tom Payne will also retire, from leading the wheat genebank. Check out this nice Q&A with Tom, and join me in wishing him all the best on the next chapter of his life.

LATER: Oops, I forgot this other Q&A on conservation of agrobiodiversity with a CIMMYT staff member. Courtesy of Simran Sethi.

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The value of seeds

Douglas Gollin, Professor of Development Economics at the University of Oxford will speak about genebanks tomorrow, and you really mustn’t miss it. The talk’s title? “In Praise of Seed Morgues.” See what I mean?

LATER: The recording is on the GROW webpage. And here’s a spoiler…

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Macquarie University archaeologist Emlyn Dodd has a great thread over on Twitter summarizing the latest evidence for an earlier-than-generally-thought introduction of viticulture and wine-making into Bronze Age Italy.

We’re basically talking about Mycenaean involvement, rather than the conventional story based on intrepid wine-obsessed Phoenicians crossing the wine-dark sea.

As ever, for the Twitter-averse, here’s the ThreadReader version.