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  1. And…we’re back!
  2. Nice new infographics derived from that classic paper “Increasing homogeneity in global food supplies and the implications for food security.”
  3. Video on a millet community seedbank in India.
  4. I hope all these healthy Indian rices are in seedbanks somewhere, community or otherwise.
  5. Kazakhstan is getting a new genebank, and I don’t mean a community one.
  6. yeah but genebanks are not enough: enter INCREASE.
  7. Wait, there’s a World Localization Day?
  8. Looks like white sage might need less localization and more seedbanks.
  9. I see your Mexican white sage and raise you the Calabrian white olive.
  10. The Telangana equivalent of white sage is probably safe, though, if this collecting programme is anything to go by.
  11. IFAD pushes nature-based farmers. White sage unavailable for comment.
  12. The localization narrative meets Italian food. And yes, spoiler alert, Italian food does exist. Despite the increasing homogeneity in global food supplies. And it doesn’t need white olives either.
  13. Let the hand-wringing about the Italian-ness (Italianity?) of citrons commence. But not until I’ve left the room.
  14. Ah, but is there such a thing as Indian food? I mean, if there’s quinoa in it. I look forward to the eventual quinoa community seedbanks.
  15. All those crops are not being locally grown for food anyway.
  16. Have a happy new globalizing, localizing year, everyone.

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