Brainfood: GIAHS, Austronesian ag, Neolithic Scotland, Livestock origins, Iroquoia maize, Maya drought, Agave diversity, Coffee diversity, Breadfruit cultivation

Nibbles: Food security, CWR, Rice, Food crisis, Yams, Peanuts, Tuscan wine, SADC seeds, Lonely trees

  1. Handy primer on the effects of climate change and biodiversity on food security, courtesy of the House of Lords.
  2. Crop wild relatives could help with all three.
  3. Trouble brewing for rice. House of Lords nodding wisely.
  4. The trouble that brewed for wheat wasn’t quite as advertised. Spoiler alert: the price spike had to do with China buying up all it could. So is rice next then?
  5. No trouble brewing for yams now that they’re getting sequenced.
  6. Nor for peanuts in the Gambia, for different reasons.
  7. Sounds like everything is hunky dory for the Tuscan grape too.
  8. Good to see SADC is on the job.
  9. It may be too late for some trees though.

Brainfood: Canadian berries, Durian, Watermelon domestication, Wild cacao, New Chinese fruit, Animal pollinators, Food impacts

Nibbles: Forgotten crops special issue, Coffee fingerprinting, Three Sisters, Food gardening, Magic mushrooming, Genebanks in Ukraine, Colombia, Australia, China

  1. Forthcoming special issue of Plants, People, Planet on forgotten crops. Get your paper in about how they’re under-represented in genebanks.
  2. Or about how they need to be DNA fingerprinted, like the USDA is doing for coffee.
  3. I wonder if there is a forgotten crops version of the Three Sisters. Answers on a postcard, please.
  4. Forget about genebanks, grow those forgotten crops in your garden. Rebelliously.
  5. Forget about forgotten crops, how about forgotten mushrooms?
  6. Lest we forget the Ukrainian genebank.
  7. No way to forget the Future Seeds genebank.
  8. Australians are not being allowed to forget about genebanks, plant and animal. With video goodness. There’s hope yet.
  9. Meanwhile, in China

Brainfood: Wild scarlet runner beans, Wild coffee, Mexican vanilla, Hybrid barley, Zea genus, Wild maize gene, N-fixing xylem microbiota, Drone phenotyping, Wild tomato, Potato breeding, Wild potato, Wheat evaluation, Rice breeding returns