Brainfood: GI, Collection representativeness, Miracle tree, Brave new world, Wheat roots, Dry beans, Seedling roots, Ecotourism, Citrus evolution, Mango evolution, Aboriginal translocation, Carrot cores, Potato breeding

Nibbles: Grape breeding, Vanilla breeding, DSI policy, ITPGRFA, Maori taro, Dhofar memories

  • Marker-assisted breeding in grapes: like skimming through a book looking for key words.
  • Vanilla genome: going from no-frills vehicle to luxury sportscar.
  • CGN on what to do to ensure continued access to that book — or car.
  • A topic which is all the rage right now in the ITPGRFA, on which this is a one-page primer.
  • 14th century Māori grew taro as well as sweet potato.
  • Great infographics on the fascinating region of Dhofar in southern Oman, in which I collected germplasm many years ago. Great opportunity to reminisce.

Brainfood: Agrobiodiversity drivers, Wild bean adaptation, Berseem breeding, Millet mutants, IK conservation, NUS, Vertebrate threats, Ethiopian nutrition, Maize landraces, Maize phenotyping, Musa chemotypes, Ancient farmers, Vavilov’s steps, Bean diversity, Wild wheat

Brainfood: Forage seeds, Meat is murder, Medieval farming, Bean breeding, Moth bean genomics, Red List definitions, Amaranth domestication, Seed networks, Local adaptation, Social norms, Food demand, Grasspea future, Strawberry evolution, Maracuoccio

Brainfood: Improvement recapitulates domestication, Functional variation, Intensification, Gender & nutrition, Collaboration double, Losses, AgRenSeq , Crocus domestication, Saffron evolution, Mascarene CWR, Mexican CWR, ABS, Sweet cocoa, Tasty fruits, Baobab diversity