Brainfood: Mapping double, Niche modelling, CGIAR impacts, Pathogen genebank, Data stewardship, Breeding tradeoffs, Organic vs conventional, Agronomic trials, Teff evaluation, Eggplant genetic resources, Quinoa phenotyping

Brainfood: Pollinators double, C4 grasses, Pre-breeding, Lupins resources, New wild coffees, Refugee deforestation, Tuber niches, Sampling strategy, Infection risk, Levant Bronze & Iron Age

Nibbles: Deforestation, Grizzly genetics, Animal domestication, Wheat drones, Okra experiments, Millet survey, The Common Table

  1. 26 million hectares of forest were lost in 2020.
  2. Genetic groups in grizzly bears line up with Indigenous languages in British Columbia. How about the trees, though?
  3. But why weren’t grizzly bears domesticated? Because they’re not friendly, feedable, fecund and family-friendly.
  4. Drones and wheat breeding.
  5. Crowdsourcing okra evaluation. No drones involved.
  6. Health-conscious urban Indians eat millet for health reasons. Goes great with okra.
  7. The Common Table: sharing stories about reforming the food system. Like a couple of the above.

Brainfood: Bambara groundnut, Germination prion, Future foods, Hotspots, Soybean expansion, Remote sensing, Micronutrients, Madagascar food security, Aromatic maize, Sunflower oil, Grasspea, ICARDA lentils, Australian wild rice

Brainfood: Genetic diversity, Germplasm exchange, Genomic selection, New varieties, Maya agriculture, AnGR, Diverse planted forests, Vermont seeds, Wine appellation, Roots & tubers, Late blight, Nordic barley landraces