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New Vavilov movie in the multiplex

The Scientist, the Imposter and Stalin: How to Feed the People is a new film on Vavilov by Gulya Mirzoeva. It looks like it can be ordered from Icarus Films.

Made entirely with previously unreleased archival footage, THE SCIENTIST, THE IMPOSTER AND STALIN offers a rare immediacy to events that took place decades ago. It is both an engrossing story and a warning about the disastrous results of yoking science to politics.

Here’s the teaser.1

  1. There seems to be a French version on YouTube, but I have no idea whether it’s legally there. []

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No more FOMO

The good people at Plantae have started a Global Plant Science Events Calendar. You can submit events and subscribe.

The Global Plant Science Events Calendar is a community calendar for all conferences, scientific meetings, webinars and other events of interest to the plant science community around the world.

Seems like a great idea. If there’s something similar out there already, I don’t know about it. There’s even a Twitter feed that goes along with the calendar.