Nibbles: Edibles books, Yam farmer, JL Hudson Seeds, Italian landraces, Native American maize

  1. University of Chicago Press series on food & drink: Edibles.
  2. An Indian farmer who’s really into tuber diversity is featured in The Hindu.
  3. “We are a public access seed bank – not a commercial seed company. You will find that our presentation of information and how you access our seedbank is a bit different from ordering seeds from the usual on-line commercial enterprise.”
  4. Italian university maps agrobiodiversity.
  5. Maize data in USDA’s GRIN database includes Indigenous group.

Agrobiodiversity manifestly important

The process leading up to the just-started 2nd International Agrobiodiversity Congress included coming up with the “Rome Manifesto: Using Agrobiodiversity to Transform Food Systems.” This highlights three “commitments to help tackle global challenges including climate change, malnutrition, biodiversity loss, and environmental degradation.”

  1. Consume diverse foods in diets that are nutritious, sustainable, affordable, acceptable, safe, and accessible to all.
  2. Produce food in diverse, resilient, and sustainable food systems.
  3. Conserve agrobiodiversity to give people the options they need to sustainably and inclusively transform food systems and improve lives, both now and in the future.

Yeah but how, you ask? You’ll have to attend the congress to find out, I guess, or at least follow on Twitter

Brainfood: Chickpea genomes, DIIVA, Maize evolution, Malting barley, Wild gluten, Cucurbit review, Coconut genome double, USDA rice collection, CIAT bean collection, PGRFA data integration, USA cattle diversity, PGRFA history

Nibbles: Wild wheat, Saving coffee, Wild rice, 3 Sisters video, Blenheim honeybees, NDCs

  1. The ancient, wild, Georgian roots of bread wheat gluten.
  2. Wild relatives could help us save coffee. But we knew that. Right?
  3. Photosynthesis in wild rices responds more quickly to light changes than in the crop, stomata not so much. Sometimes domestication giveth, sometimes it taketh away.
  4. It gave us the Three Sisters for sure. With video goodness.
  5. Honeybees have wild relatives too. Well, maybe.
  6. But do the NDCs recognise any of the above?

Nibbles: Cheddar cheese, Chickpea festival, Senegal rice, Great Plains, Brazilian fruit, Hungry Eye

  1. There’s a national chickpea championship, but in Spain.
  2. Senegal is getting its rice back. No word on any championship.
  3. The Great Plains are not coming back, alas. Spoiler alert: rice and chickpeas are not to blame.
  4. Cheddar is trying to get its cheese back, though, and has a chance.
  5. Cool book on the fruits of Brazil. I bet some would go great with cheddar.
  6. Review of what seems a cool book on the history of food in Europe. I wonder if it explains the whole cheese-with-fruit thing.