With Gabe on the trail of the wild banana

From the Facebook page of Banana Natural Biodiversity Mapping – Citizen Science, which I think we have blogged about before:

CIRAD and its partners are currently collecting Musa material in Vietnam, within the frame of the “BSV for Banana Diversity” project. As an expert to the project, Gabe Sachter-Smith has begun to post his observations to iNaturalist, including Musa balbisiana and many other endemic species. He then added the observations to our Banana Natural Diversity Mapping Project (http://bit.ly/MusaDivMapping). #BananaDivMapping #CitizenScience #iNaturalist #AddYours #ShareTheNews

Follow Gabe along as he explores banana diversity. He’s also on Instagram.

Almost like being there. Almost.

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Remember when we told you that you could comment on the draft guidelines for the use of DOIs in plant genetic resources conservation and use? Well, I hope you did, because now they’re out, thanks to the Seed Treaty’s work on developing a Global Information System. Here’s one of the authors, in case you were wondering. And on the same website, that of the Genebank Platform, you can also find out about how his, and the other CGIAR genebanks, are implementing DOIs.