Brainfood: Commons edition

Brainfood: COVID & seeds, Livestock integration, Farm diversity, Diet diversity, Genetic diversity, Cassava landraces, Wild coffee, Variety registration, Kava kastom, Neolithic Europe

Nibbles: Svalbard, Amazon fires, China genebank, Gardening, CPVO

  1. Nice genebanks mashup from the always-excellent Mongabay.
  2. Analyzing social media to understand how forest governance is perceived. I want to do it for genebanks now…
  3. …Genebanks such as China’s wild plants genebank, for example.
  4. Thomas Fairchild was a genebanker of sorts 300 years ago.
  5. Once genebanks have been used by breeders, and varieties released (at least in Europe), you’ll be able to find them in the CPVO Variety Finder. I’m sure Fairchild would be impressed.

Brainfood: Genebank technology, Genebank research, Apple genomes, Napier genome, Wheat genome, Blue maize, FACE, Pigeonpea diversity, Millet domestication, Ancient dogs, Ancient bovids, Domestication syndrome, Date pollen, Commons, Genetic diversity trifecta