Nibbles: Innovation, CWR, Pathogens, Forage, Phenotyping

  • Innovations for sustainable food systems: genebanks are in there but frankly I find the whole thing a bit problematic. Just gonna leave that there. Feel free to comment.
  • Colin Khoury’s backstory. Also some CWR.
  • The fight against pathogens. Of plants, settle down.
  • Better Napier grass is good for everyone. Including the cows. But wait, “…[i]t doesn’t really matter which grass…”
  • Phenome2020 recapped.

Nibbles: Columella, Thomas Bowrey, Dreamtime, Oz seedbank, Kenya sweetpotato, Dalla Ragione, Apple hunter, Cydonia, Caribbean nutmeg, Wheat synthetics, ICARDA forages, Land cover map

Nibbles: Medieval Iceland, Lebanese wine, Yemeni coffee, Ghana cowpea, SeedShare, Roman hamburger

Nibbles: Trade & nutrition, Apple trifecta, Cider, Neolithic migrations, IIED double