Nibbles: Indian millets, Coconut breeding, Bhutan seed systems, Bangladesh gardens, Innovea coffee breeding network, Israel and NZ genebanks

  1. India decides to export millets. How about conserving them?
  2. India releases a new coconut. How about new millets?
  3. Bhutan BOLDly studies its seed systems. Maybe even including some millets.
  4. Bangladesh revives floating gardens. No millets.
  5. Coffee gets an international breeding network. Do millets have one?
  6. Israel‘s and New Zealand‘s genebanks make the news. How about millet genebanks?

Nibbles: Ancient oils, “AGRA”, Seed libraries, Tonka bean, MGIS, Wild Arachis

  1. Remember the book on ancient Mesopotamian cookery in the last Nibbles? Ok well here’s a website on Vegetable Oils And Animal Fats In Early Urban Societies Of Syro-Mesopotamia. Esoteric? Moi?
  2. To come back down to earth, you could always read this hot take on the AGRA rebranding.
  3. Couldn’t be more down to earth than community seedbanks, aka seed libraries.
  4. The seeds of Dipteryx odorata will make your head float.
  5. The latest news from the Musa Germplasm Information System may float your boat. It did mine. But I’m into esoterica, didn’t you know?
  6. Nothing esoteric about wild peanuts any more.

Nibbles: Trevor Williams, ICRISAT genebank, Irish seedbank, Domestication video, COP27 genebank webinar, Pasturelands, Big Food report, Mesopotamian cooking

  1. The late Prof. Trevor Williams, one of the pioneers of genebanking, in the news.
  2. The President of Niger visits a genebank, makes the news.
  3. Irish seedbanking in the news.
  4. Dr Mark Chapman on how to study domestication using seeds in genebanks.
  5. COP27 webinar on using seeds in genebanks for climate change adaptation.
  6. Pasturelands: sometimes genebanks are not enough. Though even then I bet they can help.
  7. Big Food still not doing much to support genebanks, despite reports such as this.
  8. A book on ancient Mesopotamian cooking. Who can think of the best link to genebanks?

Nibbles: Edible Memory, Tomatomania, British apples, Turgovian pear, Climate & crops, Food systems buzzwords, NTBG jobs, World Food Day 2022

  1. Edible Memory for free, for a month. Heirloom tomatoes and more.
  2. Speaking of heirloom tomatoes… Tomatomania! The podcast. And the website.
  3. The ritual autumn BBC story on heirloom apples. Anyone for applemania?
  4. Would you settle for pearmania? Perrymania actually.
  5. Mania or no, crops have taken a hit this year.
  6. The truth behind some buzzwords in food systems discourse from IPES-Food. Spoiler alert: agroecologymania.
  7. Some cool breadfruit etc. jobs going in Hawaii at the National Tropical Botanical Garden.
  8. Kent Nnadozie has a pretty cool job at the Plant Treaty, here’s an interview with him on the occasion of World Food Day.