Nibbles: Bangladeshi gardens, Rambo root, Invasive hybrids, Pomologia, CWR, Genebanks, Deforestation, Agroecology, Post-2020, Intergenerational justice

  1. Floating gardens are a solution.
  2. Cassava is a solution.
  3. Eco-fusion is a solution.
  4. Art is a solution.
  5. Crop wild relatives are a solution.
  6. Genebanks are a solution.
  7. Understanding the effect of agricultural commodities on forests is a solution.
  8. My agroecology is a solution, but not your agroecology.
  9. 2021 will be a solution.
  10. Long-term thinking is the solution.

Nibbles: Breeding conference, Anthropology conference, Ecosystem services, Quality of life, Gates on CGIAR, Cost of diets

  1. The 10th Annual Cornell Plant Breeding Symposium is coming up in April.
  2. The Anthropology and Conservation Virtual Conference is coming up in October.
  3. How much is a farm worth, environmentally speaking? Plant breeders and anthropologists invited to reply.
  4. How much is nature worth to quality of life?
  5. How much is the research of CGIAR worth?
  6. How much does a healthy diet cost?
  7. The oldest beer factor? Priceless?

Nibbles: Celebration edition

  1. Celebrating the International Year of Plant Health with another webinar on Germplasm Health in Preventing Transboundary Spread of Pests and Pathogens, 17 Feb.
  2. Celebrating World Pulse Day (late) by linking to Tropical Legumes Hub.
  3. Celebrating International Day of Women and Girls in Science by reading profiles of 16 women saving crop diversity and watching a video of IPBES expert Laura Pereira. Speaking of IPBES, not sure why this take on their October 2020 report is coming out now, but it’s a good read.
  4. Celebrating another year of the Svalbard Global Seed Vault.
  5. Celebrating little forests. Well, why not?