Brainfood: Sinotato, Photophenomics, Bangladesh lentils, Vernalization gene, Droning on, Pathogen identification, Human domestication, Citrus cryo, Purple rain, Teff diversity, Mining biodiversity lit, Wild dates, Buckwheat improvement, Panicum genome

Brainfood: Intensification, Yemen ag, Czech barley, Bangladesh community genebank, Agrobiodiversity Index, North American CWR, Israeli genebanks, Biofortified wheat, QDS, Collecting Miscanthus, Ethnobotany, NUS, Pecan diversity, Korean ponds, CWR gaps double, Salty rice

Crowdsourcing agrobiodiversity for nutrition

Food Policy has a special issue out on Leveraging Agriculture for Nutrition in South Asia. There’s my weekend gone. And yours, I suspect. Let’s try something. If you find any references to the role of crop diversity in general or genebanks in particular in the seven papers included, stick it in the comments below, or on the Genebank Platform Facebook page if you prefer. I’ll try to pull it all together when I have a chance. Let’s do this.