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Nibbles: Seed movement edition

  • From Indigenous communities, to Carol and Robert Mouck, to the Sisters of Providence of St. Vincent de Paul Motherhouse, to the Kingston Area Seed System Initiative and Ratinenhayén:thos: seed rematriation in Canada.
  • Simran Sethi gets to the bottom of the COVID seed sales surge.
  • And more on the same from Dan Saladino.
  • There’s been quite a surge in quinoa in the past few years. All presentations here.
  • And the potato has been getting around too of course. The podcast of the book.

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Here come the nutrition data

Here’s a small taste of what you can do with the just-launched Food Systems Dashboard.

The graph shows the relationship between diversity of food supply (x-axis) and child/adolescent underweight (y-axis), with bubble size proportional to the incidence of anemia in women. The red outlier is India. Lots more variables to play with.

Is there a nicer way to share results than a screenshot though?