Feed on a better food system

I missed WWF’s report Bending the Curve: The Restorative Power of Planet-Based Diets when it came out in October last year, but the interview with one of the authors, Brent Loken, on the Feed podcast was an excellent way to catch up.

Well worth listening to the whole thing, and indeed reading the report. I really like it when complexity and nuance are embraced, and silver bullets eschewed. Here’s a few take-aways to whet your, ahem, appetite:

  • Shift diets: it’s not that hard. Start by de-centering beef.
  • Reform national dietary guidelines.
  • Regulate marketing food to kids.
  • And, speaking of marketing, learn how to make healthy food sexier.
  • Cut waste.

Nibbles: Real farming, Ancient farming, Organic farming, Open farming, Innovative farming, African maize farming

  1. Colin Tudge and Jeremy rethink agriculture.
  2. Wait, so it’s not about producing an energy surplus?
  3. Maybe the rethink can include Seed Ambassadors?
  4. Seeds4All is quite the thought.
  5. Who needs a rethink when there’s a whole book on how plant breeding can contribute to sustainable agriculture?
  6. Well, it can certainly pay off, at least money-wise. But does that need a rethink?

Nibbles: Superfoods, Value chains book, North American ag origins, Origins of beer, Community seed banks, Seed diversity

  1. What’s the next global “superfood”? Most likely it’s the next local “superfood”. Jeremy interviews economist Trent Blare.
  2. And here’s a book that expands on that podcast.
  3. Speaking of podcasts, here’s one that dissects the Eastern Agricultural Complex, at least in the last 20 mins. The rest is informative and fun too, though. Spoiler alert: it’s the food storage. Any superfoods in there though?
  4. Always fun to read about the history of beer.
  5. Project on community genebanks launched by government genebank.
  6. Seeds of all sizes and shapes in genebanks.

Genebanks on the air

Field, Lab, Earth, the podcast of the American Society of Agronomy, Crop Science Society of America and Soil Science Society of America has a couple of episodes out on the history of crop diversity conservation. The first is an interview with Dr Helen Anne Curry on genebanks.

And the second is a talk entitled “Varietal Timelines and Leadership Challenges Affecting the Legacy of Nikolai Ivanovich Vavilov” with Dr Joel Cohen. It’s freely available until 5 April.