Brainfood: Mapping double, Niche modelling, CGIAR impacts, Pathogen genebank, Data stewardship, Breeding tradeoffs, Organic vs conventional, Agronomic trials, Teff evaluation, Eggplant genetic resources, Quinoa phenotyping

Nibbles: Training materials double, Tree platform double, Wild rabbit, Economic value

  1. Crawford Fund training materials for high schools include discussion of genebanks.
  2. And that would go quite well with this graphic novel on natural selection in Mimulus from Health in Our Hands.
  3. There’s a Global Tree Knowledge Platform from ICRAF…
  4. …which could probably be usefully mashed up with the restoration platform Restor.
  5. The Sumatran striped rabbit makes a rare appearance. On Facebook.
  6. The World Bank makes the economic case for all of the above. Well, maybe except the Sumatran rabbit.

Brainfood: Insurance, Maize roots, Grass strips, Banana nutrients, Fish nutrients, Wild potatoes, Apple genes, Wheat resistance, Killer tomatoes

The value of seeds

Douglas Gollin, Professor of Development Economics at the University of Oxford will speak about genebanks tomorrow, and you really mustn’t miss it. The talk’s title? “In Praise of Seed Morgues.” See what I mean?

LATER: The recording is on the GROW webpage. And here’s a spoiler…