Nibbles: CGIAR impacts, Innovative varieties, Sweet potato in PNG, Mexican food viz, Mango diversity, Lactase persistence, Tree planting, Indigenous sea gardens

  1. Average returns on agricultural R&D investment is 100%, says CGIAR.
  2. I wonder how many from this list of the most innovative plant varieties of 2020 can trace back to some CGIAR product. Or genebank.
  3. Which sweet potato varieties do consumers actually like in PNG?
  4. Cool visualizations of the relationships between Mexican crops and foods.
  5. One village, 100 mangoes. Visualize that.
  6. Don’t blame high food prices on war. Entirely, anyway.
  7. Lactase persistence is not due to the benefits of drinking milk. Entirely, anyway.
  8. A whole bunch of tools to help select trees to plant in Europe. The entirely correct URL for the climate matching tool is this one though.
  9. Why worry about any of that when you can have sea gardens, though?

Brainfood: Wild scarlet runner beans, Wild coffee, Mexican vanilla, Hybrid barley, Zea genus, Wild maize gene, N-fixing xylem microbiota, Drone phenotyping, Wild tomato, Potato breeding, Wild potato, Wheat evaluation, Rice breeding returns

Nibbles: Animal genebanks, Wild pigeon, Uganda genebank, Biodiversity value, W African cooking, Indigenous cafes, Climate crisis & food, Reforestation

  1. FAO webinar series on animal genebanks.
  2. Quick put this wild pigeon in a genebank before it’s too late. No, really.
  3. Yeah but how much is a wild pigeon worth?
  4. Maybe if you could cook it, it might be worth more? No, really, I’m serious.
  5. Would be terrible to have a wild pigeon shortage.
  6. In fact, we need to be able to re-pigeon.

Brainfood: Landrace gaps, Musa gaps, Teff use, Wheat evolution, NUS services, Phenotyping, Harappan residues, Food trade

Brainfood: Kungas, Tomato domestication, Wild honeybees, Association mapping, Mixtures, Wild edible plants, DSI ABS, Fusarium wilt, Mango weeds, Conservation payments