Nibbling as the berries go round

Issue 56 of Berry Go Round – the botany blog carnival – is up at Seeds Aside. Plenty of goodies there, and here are the ones more directly related to our own interests:

  • Phytophactor gives a one-word answer to the question “Can you eat flowering kale?” He also explains that “flowering” is a misnomer. To which I would add that as an ornamental, “flowering” kale is an abomination while as an edible, flowering kale is scrumptious.
  • The great P.Z. Myers shares a photograph of a curcurbit tendril. And unleashes a storm of comment crap. Some people…
  • And Joseph Craine has rounded up n most-important papers about N; where n=12 and N=nitrogen.

Now, why don’t you consider submitting to, or even hosting, the next Berry go Round?

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