Access Agriculture extends extension

Extension services are absolutely essential to take research results and transform them into practical advice that farmers can make use of. Without decent extension workers, all the shiny new science in the world has very little hope of making any difference to the lives of ordinary people working in agriculture. And yet, as we’ve often said before, extension services are often unloved and ignored in the pursuit of shiny new science. So it is really rather wonderful to be able to recognise Access Agriculture, a new entity created by Countrywise Communications and Agro-Insight “devoted to promoting effective agricultural training videos for the benefit of farmers and rural businesses”.1

Anyway, rather than me bleating on about what a good idea I think this is, and how I wish Access Agriculture every success, let me just urge you to visit the site and, if you can, to make use of the services offered.

  1. Full disclosure: long ago I did some work for Countrywise Communications, and I think Phil Malone is a good bloke. []

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