A little clean-up

Sunday morning; what could be nicer than to do a little weeding, planting and general tidying up? Nothing, if you have a row to hoe. Alas, if you don’t, there’s always blog maintenance.

I’ve updated various things so they ought to run more smoothly, fixed a page for The Competition, and done various other things that ought to be invisible.

One thing that is visible is a new category we call Nibbles.  It’ll appear over on the right, and is designed for linking to things that don’t really require much comment, but that we think may be of interest. We’ll see how it works out. If you have any comments, add them to this post. Thanks.

Oh, one more thing. The RSS feeds do not seem to be working all that well. Not sure why. The various different feeds (Posts, Comments, Nibbles) all seem to point to exactly the same place, which can’t be right. I’m working on it.

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