Lost pepper found

Via Buddhism Adjunkt, who is back after a little absence, a link to an article on The Lost Pepper of Cambodia, by Phil Lees. Unfortunately the article, in Chile Pepper magazine, won’t be available online for at least six months. So all I can do is quote from Phil’s tantalizing blog entry:

What does the visit of Chinese emissary Zhou Daguan to Angkor Wat in 1297, Khmer Rouge kidnappings and the recent landgrabbing of Okhna Ly Yong Phat in rural Sre Ambel, Cambodia have in common?

Cambodian pepper: which is how I tenuously link them all together in this month’s Chile Pepper magazine (US).

That, and hope I remember to check Chile Pepper when the six months are up. Or maybe someone else can enlighten us?

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  1. Confused at first as this is in “Chile Pepper” magazine but it mentions the date 1297, before the Europeans brought Chile peppers from the New World where they are endemic to the Old World. But then looking at the photo on Last Appetite I see that it is actually a black pepper (Piper nigrum) that they are talking about, not Chili pepper (Capsicum chinensis). Excited to see the article eventually!

  2. Me too, on all counts. Looking at a few past issues, it seems that Chile Pepper magazine takes its remit pretty widely, to include anything zesty.

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