Association Kokopelli fined (again?)

Over a year ago we reported that a French court had fined the Kokopelli Association €17,130 for putting unregistered seeds on the market. Today we learn that a fine of €35,000 has been levied, after Baumaux, a seed company, took the association to court. It isn’t clear whether these represent one case, with an increased fine, or two separate cases. What is clear is the lunacy of the argument:

Association Kokopelli were found guilty of selling traditional and rare seed varieties, which were not on the official EU-approved list. Such seeds are deemed illegal to sell on the grounds that it gives the seller an “unfair trading advantage”.

Right. Selling people what they want, rather than (or in addition to) what you want, is unfair.1

In related news, the same article says that the European Commission either has met or will meet to consider the new seed marketing directives or regulations, which we have also discussed here before. Very hard to penetrate those mysteries, so nothing to report, but we’ll keep our ears open. And if any readers can shed any further light on the subject, share it with us, please.

  1. There’s a petition you can sign up for, to save Kokopelli; not sure how useful that is now. []

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  1. Thanks Danny; we nibbled that back on 3rd March, but I didn’t make the connection because the EU is so much more restrictive.

  2. This is really bad news, and it makes me so sad and angry to see it. A non-profit organisation doing so much vital good work can be sued by a commercial enterprise on some spurious economic excuse? It’s an absolute disgrace.

    The only positive thing I can say is that Dominique Guillet is an incredibly resilient and determined person and has already bounced back from one such disaster. I can’t see him giving in now.

    Please keep us informed if you find out anything more.

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