Why is biodiversity important?

People from the Stockholm Resilience Centre and Albaeco interviewed researchers to get usable answers to important questions. They asked Professor Gretchen Daily, of Stanford University, to tackle “Why is biodiversity important?”. Watch her reply here. She gets going at about 1’15”. Could you do better?

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  1. Greetings from the other side of the digital divide.

    Last week I gave my students at Kangaroo Inn Area School the task to come up with a piece to compete in your competition, since our curriculum stipulates that we cover biodiversity, genetics, evolution and ecology.

    To my horror, the link to the competition turned out to be blocked by big sister [our head of department is a female minister, http://www.ministers.sa.gov.au/ministers.php?id=10, Department of Education, South Australia, Adelaide (she is actually very nice) ;)].

    Is there anything at your site which should be kept away from the eyes of school children?

    I presume blog is a bad word when it comes to education.

    If such practise of protecting minors from bloggers is widespread, then it is no surprise that this competition is not receiving too many submissions from secondary schools.

    We can get the block to the blog lifted for individual lessons. To get the site unblocked for good may require considerable patience or ministerial intervention.

    Let’s see what happens.


    Dr. Dirk

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